About Sojos

SojoS loves the sunshine, natural beauty, and of course - beautiful eyes. We design each of our glasses with comfort, lift, and spirituality in mind to fit your lifestyle.

Our name was inspired by the secret in your eyes, coming from the Spanish ‘ojos’ (eyes). There is truly a story behind everyone’s eyes, and we take pride in creating beautiful eyewear that not only protects, but showcases the mystery of your eyes.

We believe...

• Different eyewear should bring you different emotions, and match your personality and lifestyle

• ‘The best’ doesn’t always mean the most expensive - everyone has their own preference!

• Beauty follows you here

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High End Taste Unisex Square
Frame with Double Bridge
Flattering Half Round Frame
with Flat Lenses SJ2035
Cool Drop Tear Rimless Shades SJ1022SHOP NOW
Aviator Style with Double Bridge SJ1051SHOP NOW
Vintage Inspired Sexy Cat Eye Shape SJ2939SHOP NOW
Slim Round with Polarized Lenses SJ1014SHOP NOW

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